For over 50 years, Spunstrand® Inc. has furnished miles of underslab HVAC duct systems, above ground industrial and municipal duct systems and various special applications. Installations are in every state and foreign countries. All these years and miles of pipe have produced a multitude of reliable services available to engineers, contractors and architects.

These services include:

  • Duct sizing and layout assistance
  • Trenching and backfill considerations
  • Full structural calculations for burial, pressure, vacuum, etc.
  • A unique system for underslab in boot buried dampers
  • Design for flex connections and expansion boots
  • Field joint procedures and demonstrations
  • On-site factory training
  • Carbon vessel design, selection and sizing
  • Absorbtion media selections
  • Shop drawing reviews for factory manifolded considerations
  • Quality control procedures
  • Visual inspection criteria
  • CSI format specs as word or pdf files