SPUNSTRAND Chemical Fume Exhaust Scrubbers

Chemical Scrubbers

Spunstrand and their design team have over 40 years experience with Chemical scrubbers. We build both vertical round counter-current scrubbers, and square/rectangular cross-flow scrubbers.  We have applications in removing NOX, Ammonia, Semi-Conductor chemicals, Chrome mist, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sullphide, Multi-use staging, and metal finishing scrubbing.  Scrubber material construction can be based on temperature, exposures, and also tailored to fit budgets when using a thermoplastic selection.

Scrubbers can be manufactured out of PVC, Polypropylene, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), and PVDF lined FRP. We can provide a full system with scrubber, integral sump with pump, duct, mist-eliminator, fans, and fully automated NEMA 4X control panels.  We also offer install training, start-up training, and on site repairs.

Mist Eliminators can also be constructed to match the system in PVC, Polypro, and FRP.  The correct packing or mesh pads can be selected based on temperature, removal size and efficiency levels.  Grease filters when needed, can also be added in front of the mist pads to maintain efficiency.