Vapor And Liquid Phase Scrubber Media Absorption Vessels

Spunstrand® Inc. manufactures a wide variety of FRP filament wound media vapor phase scrubbers. The vessels range from passive venting up to 46,000 CFM within a single vessel. Spunstrand® Inc.’s vessel configurations are Single Bed, Split Bed and Vertical Bed Systems both with and without blowers. Special configurations can be manufactured such as the skid mounted and recirculate systems.

Vapor Phase Odor/VOC/Corrosion Vessels
Canisters / Barrels Vessels
Venting to 200 CFM
Single Horizontal Bed Vessels
Venting to 3,500 CFM
Split Horizontal Bed Vessels
800 CFM to 16,500 CFM
Vertical Bed Systems Vessels
800 CFM to 46,000 CFM


Spunstrand® Inc. stocks a number common bituminous and coconut shell activated carbon medias in both virgin and impregnated forms. Spunstrand® Inc.  also supplies additional carbon medias developed to meet specific municipal and industrial markets. The company also stocks Potassium Permanganate impregnated aluminosilicate substrate (KMN) and Potassium Permanganate impregnated alumina (Spunsorb).

Virgin and Impregnated Bituminous Coal Carbon
Virgin and Impregnated Coconut Shell Carbon
Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Aluminosilicate Substrate
Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Alumina Liquid Phase Media
Absorbsion Vessels

Spunstrand® Inc. manufactures liquid phase FRP filament wound vessels in any configuration for municipal and industrial markets.