Capabilities and Variations

Spunstrand® Inc. manufactures both Zero-Leak (ZL) and Balancing Dampers (BA) for the corrosive fume handling industry for a variety of environments and applications. These dampers can be used to regulate air flow and/or isolate a particular part of a system. They are constructed of FRP providing a durable corrosion resistant product that can be used for numerous industrial applications such as: semiconductor manufacturing plants, wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical facilities, pulp and paper plants, metal plating ships and chemical facilities.

The FRP duct industry’s first Zero-Leak damper was installed in 1995 and patented by Spunstrand® Inc. . The damper was developed by Spunstrand® Inc.’s design team to be certified leak free through individual water testing. Each Spunstrand® Inc. ZL damper is manufactured with a resilient, machined rubber seat permanently formed into the duct wall. Balancing dampers are applicable where ultra low leakage is not critical. These leakage rates should not exceed 5%.

Why Spunstrand Zero-Leak and Balancing Dampers?

  • Over forty years of FRP experience
  • 100 millimeter RTP-1 quality clear liners
  • Balancing dampers available in sizes 2″-96″ Ø
  • Better workmanship, individually quality tested
  • Delivered fully operational and tested
  • Zero-Leak dampers available in sizes 8″–96″ Ø
  • Resistant to corrosion and environmental wear
  • Standard options other manufacturers charge for

Damper Applications:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Laboratory exhaust
  • Micro-electronic plants
  • Aerospace industry
  • Food processing facilities
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Glass and metal finishing
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Automotive industry

Process Examples:

  • Scrubber and fan isolation
  • System balancing
  • Automated processes modulation
  • System cleaning
  • Tool install or change out isolation
  • System shutdown
  • Clean room isolation

Spunstrand® Inc.’s Zero-Leak and Balancing series dampers are manufactured under an ISO 9000 based Quality Assurance program. All dampers are inspected for quality, blade fit, range of operation, and each Zero-Leak damper is tested and certified leak free to 6″ water column, and up to one psi when requested.