SPUNSTRAND Thermoplastic Duct

Thermoplastic Duct Systems

Spunstrand can provide Thermoplastic duct systems to meet your system and budget requirements. FRP can be overkill for some projects, so the Thermoplastic options become important to meet your specific system needs. We can provide duct in PVC, Factory Mutual PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, and PVDF overwrapped with Fiberglass. Standard sizes available are 4ӯ to 84ӯ. Larger diameters, rectangular duct, and custom sizes made upon request. Thermplastic duct can be used with FRP duct mains to make the braches lighter coming off an FRP main trunk-line. This makes the branches more easily removed or relocated. This can be done with flanges or banded flex connectors.

Most Thermoplastic duct is made from round extrusions or formed 3/16” sheets up to 24”Ø and ¼” on larger sizes. Our design standard is in accordance with the SMACNA Thermoplastic Duct manual and also in custom configurations. All of our Thermoplastic duct can be reinforced to meet higher system pressures. Field joints can be coupled, hot air welded, flanged, and threaded in small diameters.