Bio-Scrubbers & Bio-Trickling Filters

Spunstrand has been making FRP duct, couplings, dampers, Zero-Leak dampers, custom piping, tanks, and mist/great eliminators for over 60 years. Spunstrand scrubbers have a long history as well. We have built wet scrubbers, carbon scrubbers, including developing the first vertical bed FRP carbon scrubbers, and Bio-Scrubbers for our OEM partners. After all this time and development with our strategic partners, we are releasing our full product line of Bio-Scrubbers in both FRP and PVC. Orientation will include vertical towers with an option for horizontal crossflow scrubbers where lower overall height is desired. Scrubbers will be made and shipped from Idaho or Kentucky depending on jobsite location.

For our Bio-Scrubbers and Bio-trickling filters, we have partnered with GES Biotek to provide all our media options. GES Biotek has over 25 years of experience in development and supply of multiple types of media in the municipal market and provides the best selection of products to supplement this partnership. See media options on the webpage. Over the last two decades, GES has supplied over 3 million cubic feet of bio- oxidation media to the municipal wastewater industry alone. GES Biotek, LLC manufactures engineered nutrient-rich open-cell substrate from recycled glass material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. GES media mitigates odor compounds up to 99. 9%, and into the low parts per billion ranges.

This continues our commitment to provide air pollution control equipment and green product solutions for the next generations’ projects and demands. We offer a full range of support services, including start-up, smoke testing, H2s performance testing, plant personnel training, and remote monitoring.

Spunstrand Inc. Bio-Scrubber & Bio-Trickling filter media selections guide. Manufactured in the USA.

Flow-Strand™ Product Detail:

Flow-Strand™ is made from nature’s billion-year old natural ecosystem for sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Flow-Strand™ lava rock is specifically engineered and processed for chemical resistance, size, and optimum surface area for HIS removal. Flow-Strand™ has been successfully utilized in numerous Bio-Scrubber (bio- trickling filter) applications. Flow-Strand™ is also used as a base layer to significantly extend the life of organic Biofilter media, such as Flow-Strand™ .

Flow-Strand™ Product Specifications:

Bulk Density (Dry): 51 lbs/ft3

Optimal EBRT: 10 Sec

Typical EBRT: 5 — 15 sec

Differential Pressure: 0.125”/ft media

Face Velocity: 3-6 fpm

Green-Strand™ Product Detail:

An extremely lightweight, chemically resistant substrate made from 100% recycled material in the USA.  Green-Strand™ maximizes surface area and serves as an integral part of the ecosystem for acid-thiobacillus bacteria growth.

Green-Strand™ media is designed for the treatment of high levels of HIS in Bio-Scrubbers” (biotrickling filters). It’s rigid and acid resistant, therefore eliminating compaction or degradation while consistently achieving specified H2S removal rates.

Green-Strand™ Product Specifications:

Bull‹ Density (Dry): 12.4 lbs/ft3

Optimal EBRT: 10 sec

Typical EBRT: 5 — 15 sec

Face Velocity: 20—70 fpm

Green-Strand Flex™ Product Detail:

Enhanced Green-Strand™ utilizes the open-cell, rigid substrate of Green-Flex™ media and is coated with a propriatary formula of nutrients and adsorbents.  This helps establish a healthy, thriving ecosystem of fungi and bacterial organisms to treat complex odors, VOCs, and low levels of H2S typically found in municipal wastewater applications.

Green-Strand™ provides all of the benefits of high-performance engineered bio-filtrer media (smaller footprint, shorter redsidence time, and longer media life), but at 1/4 of the weight of comparable engineered media.  This allows for significantly lower project costs.

Green-Strand Flex™ Product Specifications

Bull‹ Density (Dry): 20 lbs/ft3

Typical EBRT: 45 — 60 sec

Differential Pressure: 0.25”/ft

media Face Velocity: 3 — 6 fpm

Fiber-Max™ Product Detail:

Fiber-Max™ biofilter media is a proprietary blend of organic matrerials for the removal of complex odors and VOCs.  Fiber-Max™  is a fibrous cellular substance material manufactured only from trees and large tree branches.  No yard/construction/demolition waste, or trees with known inhibitors or germicidal effects or microorganisms are used.

Fiber-Max™ Product Specifications:

Bull‹ Density (Dry): 20 lbs/ft3

Typical EBRT: 45 – 60 sec

Differential Pressure: 0.25″/ft/media

Face Velocity: 3 – 6 fpm

Unobtainium™ Nutrients Product Detail:

Spunstrand Bug-Food is formulated to enhance the growth of acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and ferroxidans microorganisms in a biological scrubber ecosystem where the primary food source is H2S in the foul air stream. The formula is in a concentrated liquid form requiring only one-part nutrient to 3,500 parts of water (3,500:1 ratio). The nutrients are available in either 5-gallon buckets or 260-gallon totes

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